• Disadvantages of Bankruptcy
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      Bankruptcy is a serious issue. In general bankruptcy is a legal action taken against the borrower who fails to repay the loan amount to his creditors. In this case the creditors have the authority to file a bankruptcy petition against the person. As we know that the bankruptcy filing remains in the credit record for at least 6 years hence it can have an effect on your future finances or financial decision which is one of the disadvantages of Bankruptcy. Moreover if you are filing for bankruptcy you will definitely lose your credit cards and nonessential belongings, you may not get finance for several years and most importantly you will face financial embarrassment.

      We know that there are some benefits filing for bankruptcy but you also have a negative impact on your credit record. You will face difficulties obtaining credit in the future, and if you manage to get loans then the interest rate may be very high. For many people, the worst drawback of bankruptcy is the shame of having to declare themselves as bankrupts when carrying out certain dealings publicly.

      Disadvantages of Bankruptcy

      Here are some of the important drawbacks of bankruptcy:

      • If you are a businessman or a business owner and have been declared as bankrupt then your business will get closed as soon as the bankruptcy order is made. And then your employees will also get dismissed. • You will also have to submit all your valuable assets or belongings to the trustee. • By becoming bankrupt your bank as well as building society accounts also gets closed and your credit cards will be taken away. • Your service prospects will be prejudiced. • You will not be given authority to hold any public offices. • People who are in leasing process or willing to buy any product on hire, the product will be taken away and it will be returned to the actual owner. • It can even hinder your future career prospects.

      Hence, bankrupts can find it very hard to purchase or rent a house, and obtaining security clearance will not be easy for them. They may also find difficulty in acquiring insurance and purchasing a car on lease. This will lead to various other problems. So, it is advisable to avoid bankruptcy for a better and safer future. There are alternatives to Bankruptcy such as IVA’s and these options should be discussed with a Debt Management Company or Insolvency Practitioner who will be able to review your situation and advise you on the best debt solution.

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